Angry Klown Says:


Watch the hilarious adventures of Kliff Lackston - the Angry Klown. Click the title of an available episode to load the video. Check back each week to see what happens next!

Episode 1: Where's My Car

Kliff leaves his Lexus at an auto shop for minor repairs and returns to find out that it's been completely wrecked.

Episode 2: Policy Coverage

Ellen, a claims specialist from All Great Insurance calls with some bad news regarding his claim.

Episode 3: Drop the Charges

Brett, an attorney from Cojoby and Fryers law firm calls Kliff to inform him that unless he drops the charges against Eddie for stealing his car, he may go to jail for assaulting him.

Episode 4: Take Deep Breaths

Lisa, a consultant from Beat No More anger management clinic calls to see if Kliff has been keeping his negative emotions under control.

Episode 5: Obduale the Aardvark

Mr. Ugubututay, the Prime Minister of Botsrundi - a small Country in Africa - calls Kliff to tell him how the accident led to the recovery of his pet aardvark.

Episode 6: Kliff the Mime

Shortly after arriving to the party he's scheduled to perform at, Kliff realizes he's forgotten some essential clown accessories. Trouble ensues when he ends up looking like a mime.

Episode 7: Suspension of Disbelief

A strange parent refuses to let Kliff change into his Clown outfit. When asked why he says: "If the kids see you walk in a normal person and walk out as a clown, the suspension of disbelief will completely crumble."

Episode 8: Fried Rice (TBD)

Kliff calls to order chinesse food and is soon shocked, annoyed and offfended when he finds out that they have run out of rice.

Episode 9: Phone Order

Kliff carefully schedules a resturant phone order to conicide with his bus transfer. He arrives 20 minutes later to pick up the order, only to learn that they have not even started preparing it.

Episode 10: Account Number

When calling to make a payment on his mobile phone bill, Kliff contends with a frustrating series of automated messages and prompts.

Episode 11: Apology Demand

Amy, the customer service rep who spoke to Kliff at the previous episode calls him back to demand an apology for his rude behavior and bad attitude.

Episode 12: Calls May be Monitored (TBD)

Kliff calls the phone company to find out why Amy got fired and learns that she is now wanted by the FBI.